Girlboss – Coolest show ever!

Do you use NETFLIX? Then you might know what I am talking about.

Girlboss is like the coolest show ever. My 26 years old soul could totally relate to it. Based on an autobiography, #Girlboss has all the elements of a new adult’s life. Funny, colourful, sassy, loud, this crass-com is a treat for any young girl.

Girlboss is SOPHIA AMORUSO’s true story. This 23 years old protagonist is out in the big world to make a place but on her own terms. She is blue eyed, fair skinned, pretty  looking girl with a boho style of dressing. Sophia, much to her age is careless, uses cuss words, screams on top of her lungs, loves alochol, cannot follow rules; basically she is a mess.

She works at a shoe store but soon gets fired for her misadventures at work. She is never on time, annoyingly eats her colleague’s lunch (burrito), attends personal calls when customers walks in, surfs internet for personal use (despite being told not to…) and does a lot more to disregard company policies. Eventually she is chucked out and as she storms out of the store, on her way she stops by at this consignment store. This store is somewhat like a warehouse that is bombarded with clothes, mostly export surplus. This is where she find the life-changing vintage biker jacket. Obviously not a great shoe seller, we definitely know by now that Sophia has a deep interest for clothes, vintage mostly. She buys the $900 jacket at $200 and proves that she does have a business sense. Finding herself out of money, unable to pay rent, she has no choice but to find a way to earn a quick buck. She decides to sell the jacket, but true to her style, only after making some twists to the design. Sophia jumps onto her beg and switches her laptop one (an old model of APPLE system, remember the turquoise one!). Logs in on eBay and puts up a picture of herself wearing the jacket.The auction begins at $15 dollars but as time passes the digits next to that dollar sign begin to multiply. TADA…. this is where her journey begins and NASTY GIRL (name of her company/brand) is born.

What I love about the show?

It is real in a lot of ways, and somehow I could personally relate to it.  Come one, lets admit it, we all were a little like her when we were 23. Looking at her short stint at the shoe store, it reminded me of my work-life, at least initially. First five years are usually confusing. You constantly keep questioning yourself. Is this the right job? Is this the right place for me? Should I be doing this or is there something better out there, waiting for me? Unless you are lucky enough to land your dream job right away, you keep thinking about Plan B. Sophia is no different. Her heart was clearly not in the shoe store but elsewhere. And when she finds that jacket, she is extremely happy. It becomes her priced possession. And then eBay happens.

Will I watch Season 2?

Yeah, most definitely. Season 1 introduces you to Sophia, her best friend – Annie, boyfriend – Shane, family – judgmental dad who is separated from her lousy mother, and most importantly her PASSION for clothes. Since it released in April’17, I am not sure when the second season is slated for.


I had a fun time watching this and took me like two days to finish watching the entire season. Looking forward to the next one.

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Dilemma – Good boss or good salary?

How do I decide?


Last night was difficult. I could not sleep, I was restless. I have to make a decision today. Nearly perfect job vs. annoying boss.

Well, after being jobless for six months, and four months of active job hunt, I finally get an interview call. Excited and curious, I attend the interview and to my amazement, the interviewer seems chatty and makes me comfortable. As we talk, 40 minutes go by and I know I have made a good impression. Fast forward, next day I get a call and yes, I am SELECTED. I am happy and glad that this has come through. Finally, I have a reason to get out of the house and that too a good one.

This job is interesting because its relevant to my background. The pay is amazing and the office setup, inviting. I am thrilled for my first day at work.

I walk in and I am waiting at the reception. Boss walks in, smiles, greets and we start talking about work. To my surprise, after 20 mins into the conversation, I find myself taking back to back notes, trying to catch up as he dictates instructions of what I need to do. Apparently, they are lagging behind on their current project and need me to be a super-woman and handle everything at once. Entire day goes by and I am replying to old emails, looking at my notes, trying to understand how on earth can I complete this in such short notice. I walk down to a nearby cafe to eat when I cant find my boss around for 20 mins and I see that every other employee has gathered in the ‘family room’ to have lunch. I come back and the monotony continues. To add to this, I am supposed to share the same cubicle with the Boss and he comfortably stares at my system every 20 mins. While I am waiting for an email to be sent, btw super slow internet connection, I am told that I should start working on something else instead of staring at the screen. Somehow, its 5 pm and I am asked to leave as my day is over.

At home, I am surprised, puzzled, disappointed and a ton of thoughts fog my mind. I don’t know if I am over analyzing, but this just didn’t seem like a ‘first’ day at work. Only person I am introduced to is the IT and accounts guys. I am lost and cant get over this.

I decide to give it another try. Second day, I am 15 mins late and apologetically, I describe the incident to my boss, how my cabbie took a wrong exit and I found myself in the middle of nowhere and that I had to rush to reach office. The Boss is not very happy and notifies me that I need to come at 9 am tomorrow onward instead of 10 am as told to me during the interview. I can sense that he is mad and as I continue to work, he tells me how he believes that first time can be a misunderstanding but second time is always a mistake. Is that a hint? I don’t know. The day passes, I sit there, impatient, waiting for the clock to struck 5. As I leave, a strange fear surrounds me because I need to decide.

What should I choose? The pay is good, the office is pretty. I dont mind travelling two hours, one side, everyday. But, will I be able to continue working here, sharing space with the moody Boss, who also happens to be a partner in the firm.

Its been a rough night, hardly any sleep and the train of thoughts refuse to leave my mind. I need to decide and soon!

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Need a job? Here are some Resume essentials

Its been a while since I moved and have been home for sometime. It is a nice feeling when you get to take a break after five years. I did not get an off time between my first two jobs, joined the second organisation immediately after I resigned from the first one. I have been enjoying my time until now – getting up late in the morning, taking an hour to finish coffee, cooking my favorite meal in the most elaborate manner and most importantly spending quality time with my loved ones.

Between all this fun, my mind often wanders and I start to think if and how do I restart my life, and by that I mean professional life. Moving to a new country and understanding a new market can be taxing and a time-taking process. I have downloaded over 10 applications on my mobile that would cover me on latest news, jobs posts, events and activities happening around my place. It gives me peace to know that technology has helped us come a long way, how with a click you can travel miles and get whatever information you need from any corner of the world.

I have spent a lot of time updating social media handles and my resume to be able to bag a relevant job. And during this process I have also read through a lot of articles on improving a resume and thought of sharing some here, in case they come in handy to someone who is on a job hunt too.


Right after you give your name and contact details, a resume should be able to tell the recruiter who you are and what you are looking for. A crisp headline gives just that. It is also one of the first thing a job hunter would read, so you may need to Google and find keywords to put in as it will define the entire story that is about to unfold.


This is a personal suggestion, a lot of people may not agree with me on this. I came across sample resumes where candidates gave details about the organisation they worked with and most of these took up 4-5 lines in the CV. My suggestion would be to remove any such description because in the era we live in people just ‘Google’ it, so why waste that crucial space and instead elaborate on the milestones achieved during your tenure with that firm.


When I first looked at my resume after four years, I realized it looked more like an essay. I recently spent a lot of time editing it, cutting it short mostly. As I heard, a recruiter generally gives a once-over and this lasts less than a minute so it would be ideal to keep the main content of the CV neat, short and crisp.


In my recent conversations with some HR experts, I understood the importance of having a professional picture on the resume. It is necessary to give a face to the details you have put in there. People relate to visuals better and moreover there is no harm in adding one, it will only enhance the existing information. If you have a video resume, even better. It is trending these days, especially if your job requires you to be in front of a camera like a comedian, actor, anchor etc.


I am sure everyone has heard of this one. I was told by a close cousin, five years back, about the importance of having a LinkedIn account and how it is vital to connect with people from the same industry and otherwise to keep updated on trends, but I never made one. Fast forward four years and now I understand how networking is crucial to secure a job, client, get relevant information, learn industry updates etc.

As my search continues, I hope these  pointers help someone out there who is hunting for a job after a long time.




Beat boredom right away!

Boredom can happen to anyone for any or no reason. The lack of interest, enthusiasm can mess with your brain and make you feel worthless. In that moment, a little push from yourself can help you overcome the feelings of boredom. Some of the best ways I have tried and have worked for me are as follows:

  1. Meditate

If you are new to Meditation and have never tried the techniques you may find it overwhelming. Its a simple and an effective concept and is beneficial when practiced regularly. A lot of material is available on Google if you want to try it. Some mobile apps have also proven to be of help, I use Headspace ( and have been loving it so far.


2. Coloring

Adult coloring books are a rage these days. Coloring can be therapeutic to the mind, if you feel stressed out occasionally this can be a go-to activity for you. My personal favorite remains The Secret Garden by Johanna Basford. The detailed illustrations in this book will open up your mind, take away the chatter and leave your mind fresh. Check out this ( for more.


3. Tea

Tea as a drink is one of the healthiest options in the market. You get wide variety and apparently each has its own health benefit. It soothes your mind and body, it can push you to get back your active mode during the day. Green tea, as they as, helps detoxify your body and is loaded with antioxidants. It also helps fight cancer, improves brain activity, and burns fat. Another option would be Chamomile tea, it can help relax muscle spasms, promotes healthy skin and can get you good sleep.


4. Netflix/Documentary/TV series

If you are a movie/TV series fan you would know exactly what I mean. Most often the experience of watching a movie/documentary/TV series is engaging. You start disinterested but if you find the right content as per your taste you sure will end up getting absorbed into it. Observing other people’s life has always been enriching, be it fiction. There is always a lesson to take away from what you have watched. So I believe if indulged in the right manner, watching TV can help you get over that monotony.


5. Exercise

I cannot stress enough on the importance of this one. It is always hard to motivate yourself to get out of the house and go for a walk, we all have been there. But if you set your mind to it, if not outdoors, you can at least try exercising at home. Look for YouTube videos; there are some amazing DVDs in the market that can help you get back on your feet, quite literally. Having said that getting out, breathing fresh air cannot be compensated, it has its own magical feel to it. The amount of Oxygen you find in a park can do wonders to your body if you make it a habit to go there regularly. Ultimately getting into the rhythm counts as none of the exercise routines will give you immediate results. But you stand to win hands down if you pick it up on a regular basis.

Walking to Improve Running460.jpg

I am sure there are plenty more options and if you know of any let me know in the comments.

Note: None of the images are mine, they have been taken from Google.

I am back! 2017 -I am loving you

Hello everyone!

Yeah, the title speaks for itself. I have been away for quite long and clearly havent stuck to my new year resolution from 2015 – to write more often. 2016 was a whirlwind and I am thankful for all that happened. Happy about all the people who joined my journey and even more happy about those who decided to leave one way or the other. Wouldn’t make sense for me to go back into the details of last year but the highlight remains that I got MARRIED to a wonderful person and have moved to another country altogether. Since I have a lot of spare time (hunting for jobs these days), I decided to comeback here and see if I have it in me to be a regular (check out my previous posts). I have plans to be active this time and engage with all the beautiful people whom I follow and those who follow me. Looking forward to knowing/learning more.

If you are reading this, I hope you have a fabulous day.


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Bye bye 2015, hello new year

An entire year has gone by and I dont think it went very well. Best thing about this year was my visit to meet the most adorable human being on the planet – my niece. She turned 3 months old but seems to have the energy of a 20 year old.

I have decided to pen down my to-do list for the coming year.

1) to be less diplomatic..

This is number 1 on my list because I have been a people-pleaser for the longest time. I didn’t help me, instead it made me an unrealistic person. In the process I ended up having expectations that were never fulfilled. Its good to make people happy but the cost of it shouldnt be YoU. To acknowledge your own needs and to be faithful to your self should be most important.

2) to dream..

It is an imperative for me. Your age, gender, or body type should not govern what you dream of. There is no best time to start dreaming, any moment is good enough. It’s absolutely fine if they are over the top, or not very practical. To dream helps unleash our best potential. It keeps us motivated and helps positive thinking.

3) to write more often..

It can be a blog on a public platform like this or it can be to the ‘Dear diary’. When you write you communicate with yourself first and that is a key to getting to know yourself. To admit what has been in your head through words on a paper can help you unlock your true self.

4) to not react..

This could easily be my number 1 of this list. Its a fact that when u react to difficult situations of your life you end up complicating it more. When feeling extreme emotions, never react as we tend to over analyse that time and say things that we don’t really mean. We end up regretting more often than not. To take stock should be the need of the hour. And if you must then leaving the scene also helps.

4) to travel only when I am sure..

As much as I love traveling I have realised it is necessary to know the person you are traveling with. To visit new places and pursue interests is great but it has to be with someone you trust completely. Traveling partners are the most crucial as they have the power to make your trip a memorable experience. Or like in some cases you may just end up leaving half way through.

5) to be myself..

Every one else has been taken, you are all you have got. To be in touch with your inner self can be a challenge in today’s world where we are bsy aping the celebrities or famous people. We have to remember to be the best version of ourselves. One must acknowledge his/her aspirations and build a life around the core principles they believe in.

As I post this, I am glad that I decided to write them down as this post will be a reminder to self whenever I digress from my beliefs.

Have an amazing new year.


Goa travel diaries

Travelling is fun. Travelling is emotional. Travelling is experience. Travelling is a journey, inward and outward.

Goa is my next destination. Big plan, one of the most awaited. Known as a hub of India, this place  enthralls you. Pleasant weather, off season, cheap tickets and it was time to explore the ever famous GOA. Divided into north and south, my choice was the former. North Goa is considered to be exactly opposite of it southern brother. Noisy, crowded, popular, top attractions, this side covers what is best of the place. We basically covered Calangute and Panjim along with the nearby spots. Culturally rich, down to earth people, this tiny state still has its portugal influence strongly enthused with an Indian mix.

Travelling in off season is helpful in a lot of ways. Lesser costs, crowd and noise. It was a right decision for us. Their traditional cuisine is to die for, fish and rice being a classic. You will find cafes that are 50years old, run for generations by Goan families serving authentic food.

Most of the adventure sports were closed due to monsoons. So that was a bummer for me. GPS came in handy for us, directions can be a little tricky here and there. Ferry is not a good option as the crowd in general can be annoying, taking a cruise is a far better option to explore.

Blessed with nature’s best, greenery all over, portuguese architecture, spread-out beaches, mouth-watering food,  this is a must visit destination if you are in India.


How to be a regular!?

My last post on this site is dated 3 months ago. Is it just me who finds it so difficult to write regularly? Or am I the only lazy person on this planet?

I enjoy writing because its my way of expressing. I am not much of a talker but the fact that words alone give you such power to create ideas, form images in your mind; it fantastic. However, when it comes to turning this joy into a habit everything becomes tedious. To sit and write on a schedule doesn’t seem as interesting anymore. A simple pleasure turns into a job.
Maybe, I am over exaggerating but I truly feel that writing should be done at one’s own pace. I don’t justify my delays at something that I had set out to do over a year ago. But,just want to take time and give way to my willingness to write.

Phone case obsession

I have been pretty crazy about phone covers lately. They protect your phone and gives it a fancy look. Everything from colors, designs, patterns, hard case, silicon ones, are good for me; it gets my attention wherever I go. Easy to find and effortlessly available online, I think every smart phone user must own one.

My personal favorite place to a buy a phone case:

Connaught Place, Delhi


Its also my go-to thing when gifting to my friends and family members. Affordable, easy to ship, durable and useful.


I prefer the TPU cases (A hybrid material – a mixture between hard plastic and soft silicone. A very dense and smooth rubber, made to slide in and out of the pocket, without attracting lint.) more compared to the hard shell ones. Mainly, because it lass longer and would never break, even if you throw it off from your roof.


My cases are from:




— Random stores



“When he shall die,
Take him and cut him out in little stars,
And he will make the face of heaven so fine
That all the world will be in love with night
And pay no worship to the garish sun.”
William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet