Bye bye 2015, hello new year

An entire year has gone by and I dont think it went very well. Best thing about this year was my visit to meet the most adorable human being on the planet – my niece. She turned 3 months old but seems to have the energy of a 20 year old.

I have decided to pen down my to-do list for the coming year.

1) to be less diplomatic..

This is number 1 on my list because I have been a people-pleaser for the longest time. I didn’t help me, instead it made me an unrealistic person. In the process I ended up having expectations that were never fulfilled. Its good to make people happy but the cost of it shouldnt be YoU. To acknowledge your own needs and to be faithful to your self should be most important.

2) to dream..

It is an imperative for me. Your age, gender, or body type should not govern what you dream of. There is no best time to start dreaming, any moment is good enough. It’s absolutely fine if they are over the top, or not very practical. To dream helps unleash our best potential. It keeps us motivated and helps positive thinking.

3) to write more often..

It can be a blog on a public platform like this or it can be to the ‘Dear diary’. When you write you communicate with yourself first and that is a key to getting to know yourself. To admit what has been in your head through words on a paper can help you unlock your true self.

4) to not react..

This could easily be my number 1 of this list. Its a fact that when u react to difficult situations of your life you end up complicating it more. When feeling extreme emotions, never react as we tend to over analyse that time and say things that we don’t really mean. We end up regretting more often than not. To take stock should be the need of the hour. And if you must then leaving the scene also helps.

4) to travel only when I am sure..

As much as I love traveling I have realised it is necessary to know the person you are traveling with. To visit new places and pursue interests is great but it has to be with someone you trust completely. Traveling partners are the most crucial as they have the power to make your trip a memorable experience. Or like in some cases you may just end up leaving half way through.

5) to be myself..

Every one else has been taken, you are all you have got. To be in touch with your inner self can be a challenge in today’s world where we are bsy aping the celebrities or famous people. We have to remember to be the best version of ourselves. One must acknowledge his/her aspirations and build a life around the core principles they believe in.

As I post this, I am glad that I decided to write them down as this post will be a reminder to self whenever I digress from my beliefs.

Have an amazing new year.


Goa travel diaries

Travelling is fun. Travelling is emotional. Travelling is experience. Travelling is a journey, inward and outward.

Goa is my next destination. Big plan, one of the most awaited. Known as a hub of India, this place  enthralls you. Pleasant weather, off season, cheap tickets and it was time to explore the ever famous GOA. Divided into north and south, my choice was the former. North Goa is considered to be exactly opposite of it southern brother. Noisy, crowded, popular, top attractions, this side covers what is best of the place. We basically covered Calangute and Panjim along with the nearby spots. Culturally rich, down to earth people, this tiny state still has its portugal influence strongly enthused with an Indian mix.

Travelling in off season is helpful in a lot of ways. Lesser costs, crowd and noise. It was a right decision for us. Their traditional cuisine is to die for, fish and rice being a classic. You will find cafes that are 50years old, run for generations by Goan families serving authentic food.

Most of the adventure sports were closed due to monsoons. So that was a bummer for me. GPS came in handy for us, directions can be a little tricky here and there. Ferry is not a good option as the crowd in general can be annoying, taking a cruise is a far better option to explore.

Blessed with nature’s best, greenery all over, portuguese architecture, spread-out beaches, mouth-watering food,  this is a must visit destination if you are in India.


How to be a regular!?

My last post on this site is dated 3 months ago. Is it just me who finds it so difficult to write regularly? Or am I the only lazy person on this planet?

I enjoy writing because its my way of expressing. I am not much of a talker but the fact that words alone give you such power to create ideas, form images in your mind; it fantastic. However, when it comes to turning this joy into a habit everything becomes tedious. To sit and write on a schedule doesn’t seem as interesting anymore. A simple pleasure turns into a job.
Maybe, I am over exaggerating but I truly feel that writing should be done at one’s own pace. I don’t justify my delays at something that I had set out to do over a year ago. But,just want to take time and give way to my willingness to write.

Phone case obsession

I have been pretty crazy about phone covers lately. They protect your phone and gives it a fancy look. Everything from colors, designs, patterns, hard case, silicon ones, are good for me; it gets my attention wherever I go. Easy to find and effortlessly available online, I think every smart phone user must own one.

My personal favorite place to a buy a phone case:

Connaught Place, Delhi


Its also my go-to thing when gifting to my friends and family members. Affordable, easy to ship, durable and useful.


I prefer the TPU cases (A hybrid material – a mixture between hard plastic and soft silicone. A very dense and smooth rubber, made to slide in and out of the pocket, without attracting lint.) more compared to the hard shell ones. Mainly, because it lass longer and would never break, even if you throw it off from your roof.


My cases are from:




— Random stores


A beautiful Monday morning

Coffee is a saviour. If you work for long hours and you drink coffee, you know what I am trying to say here. I reached work early today and to my surprise, none of my co-workers in the department had reached. The whole area was empty, spruced up desks, silent, and a lot of sunshine coming in through the window made me happy. Being a Monday, I didn’t expect myself to be as awake and fresh at that moment.

With a cup of coffee and some time to spare, I sat comfortable on my chair, gazing outside at the amazing skyscraper view. It is silly that we often miss the beautiful things around us even though it happens to be right there. I also realised that I was more productive today, work-wise, and was able to focus better while carrying out the job in hand.



Inside the brain
Two memories that long had lain
Now quivered toward each other, lipped
Together, and together slipped;
And for a moment all was plain
That men have thought about in vain.

Robert Frost